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Interior Trends 2023

Interior Trends 2023

Let's talk trends. What is here to stay in 2023, and which trends are we kicking to the curb?


Biophilic design and sustainability. The urban jungle is here to stay. The indoor merging seamlessly with the outdoor. Sustainable living. We are seeing a move away from "technology-focused" design (think the big in tv pride of place on the wall in front of the couch) and instead seeing a return to simpler times with the comeback of the "conversation-pit".

Earthy hues (desert-scape) are here to stay, and we are here for it! Punctuate the palette with verdant hues, think sage and mossy greens.

The sustainability trend is also reflected in the architecture and materials used for builds. Think of natural wooden features juxtaposed with materials such as concrete. We are seeing the return of terrazzo and mosaic.

Bye bye minimalism. Gone are the days of the monochromatic white home. Gone are the days of the stark and empty clinical rooms: white walls, white couch, devoid of colour and warmth and any iota of personality. The kitchen of nightmares: white on white on white, nary an appliance or a piece of fruit in sight! Hardly the embodiment of your chef-y dreams. We want to see bowls, plants, herbs, spices, boards. Your home should look and feel lived in.

Instead, we say hello to refined maximalism and cottage-core. Think of bold coloured mid-century furniture, and the pleasing symmetry of neo-classicism juxtaposed with vintage/antique items such as a Murano glass chandelier from the 70's/80's. This trend is all about showing off your uniqueness. This means displaying your nonna's dinnerware and other family heirlooms, alongside art that you connect with, and trinkets picked up on your travels around the world. A classic tub chair paired with a bold accent wallpaper and an abstract light fixture. Your home should feel warm and inviting and paint a picture of you and who you are: a showcase of your individual life experiences and culture. We see also a shift towards surrealism: in the art that we display and also in functional items that have quirky unexpected features. We love accent tapestries and sculptures that showcase bright colours, prints and unexpected textures. We see a shift towards interesting hand-formed silhouettes. 

This movement also sees a shift away from fast furniture, and a consumer desire for quality craftsmanship and one of a kind designs that are built to last. The resulting aesthetic is a mish-mash of items that make your home uniquely you.

With so much focus on casual dining and entertaining over the last couple of years we are seeing a strong shift towards reclaiming the dining room. The rediscovery of the functionality and theatre of a sit-down dinner. Think of a grand table, set with beautiful flowers and place settings abundant with stylish dinnerware and crystal stemware.



Here are are few items we are happy to kick to the curb in 2023!

The Mario Bellini "Camaleonda" bouclé sofa and bouclé in general: good riddance!

The overdressed bed with 5000 decorative pillows (husbands rejoice).

Brass hardware.

Shelfies and open shelves in general. Use accent and console surfaces to display statement art and sculptures in an intentional and meaningful way.

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